Wikipedia Awareness Workshops In Pakistan

Wikipedia Awareness Workshops In Pakistan

Sindh Arts Council
30 May 2017 08:30 AM - 30 May 2017 04:00 PM
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Wikipedia awareness workshop is a series of workshops that will be run through various date.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular sites on the Web, a main source of knowledge for a large fraction of Internet users, and one of the very few projects that make not only their content but also many activity logs available to the public. Furthermore, other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, have been created to share other types of knowledge with the world for free. For a variety of reasons (quality and quantity of content, reach in many languages, process of content production, availability of data, etc.) such projects have become important objects of study for researchers across many subfields of the computational and social sciences, such as social network analysis, artificial intelligence, linguistics, natural language processing, social psychology, education, anthropology, political science, human–computer interaction, and cognitive science.

Who we are:

We are Wikimedians & Wikipedians from Pakistan, we contribute on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects related to Pakistan.

About the Workshop:

This awareness workshop is intended to aware, inform the people of Pakistan (especially youth, lecturers, professors, Phd scholars) regarding Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects,and Pakistani languages (Urdu Wikipedia, Punjabi Wikipedia, Sindhi Wikipedia, Pashto Wikipedia and Kashmiri Wikipedia) Wikipedia versions.

What you will learn in this workshop:

In this series of workshop run at various time to time at various educational institutes, universities of Pakistan, colleges and libraries; you will learn how you can benefit from Wikipedia in your studies, teaching and research additionally you'll also learn how to contribute on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sister projects in your languages. We'll deliver lectuers, presentations, tutorial videos, regarding help and guidance to get benefits and contribute to Wikipedia and Wikipedia versions available in your mother languages.


The importance of these series of workshops is to aware the Pakistani society that how the rest of world is benefiting in education, teaching & research and contributing on Wikipedia.

Goal of workshop:

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers exploring all aspects of Wikimedia websites such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Commons. With members of the Wikimedia Foundation's Research team on the organizing committee and with the experience of a successful workshop in 2015, we aim to continue facilitating a direct pathway for exchanging ideas between the organization that operates Wikimedia websites and the researchers interested in studying them.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

new technology and initiatives to grow content, quality, diversity, and participation

collaborative content creation

consensus-finding and conflict resolution on editorial issues

content consumption on Wikipedia

participation in discussions and their dynamics

collaborative task management

evolution of hierarchies

Wikipedia as a sensor for real-world events, culture, etc.

demographics of Wikipedia readers and editors

engagement and incentivization of editors

uses of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects for AI and NLP applications.


Asad Ali Rajpar (Jogi) ,

He is a software engineer, IT geek, Wikipedian, Wikimedian, his experties are technical aspects of Wikipedia, translations from English to Urdu, Sindhi and Punjabi langauges Wikipedias.

Mehtab Ahmed Solangi:

He is a student of IBA, most active Wikipedian on Sindhi Wikipedia, he is also a translator on; he has contributed immensely contents on Sindhi Wikipedia.

Muhammad Arif Soomro:

He is Urdu Wikipedian, admin of Urdu Wikipedia, most active user of Urdu Wikipedia.

Amar Fayaz:

He is a IT geek, IT-incharge at Sindhi language Authority and incumbent admin (Sysop) on Sindhi Wikipedia.


Pakistani Wikimedians, Sindhi Wikimedians of Wikimedia Pakistan chapter.


We intend to bring more Pakistani people towards these projects, make them aware about Wikipedia and its benefits in education, teaching and research.


You are cordially invited to attend Sindhi Wikipedia Awareness Workshop on May 24, 2017 at 4 pm in Mumtaz Mirza Auditorium, Directorate General of Culture & Tourism Govt. of Sindh opposite MPA Hostel Saddar Karachi.

Mr Aqeel Abbas Jafri Chief Editor Urdu Dictionary Board Chief Guest and Dr Kamal Jamro Chairman Dept of Sindhi ، Federal Urdu University Guest of Honour on the occasion۔

Organized by:

Sindhi Wikipedia Pakistan

Organizer: Asad Ali Rajpar (Jogi) .

Contact Number# +92 332 2696273

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